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By Jack's Banker March 1, 2024

Financing Your Comfort: A Guide to HVAC System Costs and Loans in 2024 and Beyond

The days of easy, 0% interest rate financing for major home improvement projects may seem like a distant memory in 2024. Rising interest rates are a new reality impacting everything from car loans to mortgages – and yes, even HVAC system financing.

But before you start shivering through a Chicago summer or sweating through a Chicago winter, here’s the good news: financing options are still available for new HVAC systems. Let’s delve into the current landscape and explore ways to secure funding for a comfortable home environment:

Facing Reality: Higher Interest Rates

Gone are the days of widespread 0% interest rate promotions for HVAC systems. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes have trickled down to consumer loans, impacting financing terms for major purchases. While 0% financing might be a rarity, there are still decent interest rates available from various lenders. Fact is, why charge you more and pay $500 to the financial institution just to make your financing 0%, it doesn’t make sense. We offer lowest price and fair interest rate inline with current market.

Focus on Long-Term Savings:

While a higher interest rate might seem daunting at first, consider the long-term benefits of a new HVAC system. An efficient and properly functioning system can significantly reduce your energy bills, potentially recouping some of the financing costs over time.

Prioritizing Your Comfort:

The true cost of waiting on an HVAC replacement can be significant. A malfunctioning system can lead to higher energy bills, potential damage to your home, and, most importantly, discomfort during extreme temperatures.

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